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The Fifth Decade: A Bridge to Future Health

Over the last half century, Sun Health Foundation has expertly utilized charitable donations to help create world-class hospitals, a world-renowned research institute, nationally recognized health and wellness programs and best-in-class senior living Life Care communities. Sun Health Foundation has never just been about the present. Since the beginning, we’ve integrated a culture of forward thinking into our programs and into the way we deliver health care. People in the Northwest Valley know that Sun Health Foundation has a rich history of building superior health care services where none existed.

At Sun Health Foundation, we are acutely aware that the entire system of health care is shifting. This keen attention to the future and the ever-changing landscape of health care has allowed us to bridge the gap between the delivery system of yesterday, and the health and wellbeing model of tomorrow.

Once again, we find ourselves in the position of leading the way with a new focus. And once again, we know you will be with us as we build a better and stronger bridge to the health care delivery system of the future – just as you were in the past.

Building the Bridge, Together

Sun Health Foundation is proud to celebrate this dedication through our Fifth Decade Campaign, which recognizes our continued standing as a leading advocate for the future vision of health care. Please view the comprehensive case statement here, with testimonies and an overview of the history of Sun Health Foundation’s legacy.

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