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Offer More to Your Clients

The Golden Key Society is comprised of professional advisors who partner with Sun Health Foundation to connect their clients to individualized planned giving options. They serve a key role in furthering the mission of Sun Health Foundation, ensuring that access to superior health care is preserved well into the future.

No one understands your clients’ philanthropic goals more than you. That’s why Sun Health Foundation believes that the gift of a legacy begins within the context of a trusting relationship. As an advocate for your clients’ charitable interests, you play a unique role in providing opportunities that meet their individual giving objectives. Partnering with Sun Health Foundation allows you to tailor a gift plan that honors your clients’ intentions while securing the impact of their support.

Facilitating a Legacy

Effective gift planning requires informed collaboration. Sun Health Foundation can assist its Golden Key Society members with the tools they need to help their clients make wise decisions that maximize their tax benefits and their philanthropic goals. Through the expertise offered to you from five decades of managing charitable investments, the Foundation makes the philanthropic process both simple and straightforward.

Guiding someone in the crafting of his or her philanthropic legacy is a great privilege. As a Golden Key Society member, you do much more than establish a plan. In essence, you help to facilitate a legacy of giving that will continue to lay the path for superior health care for years to come. Sun Health Foundation is honored to assist you in this process.

Benefits of Membership

In addition to the intrinsic value of making a difference in the lives of their clients, Golden Key Society members enjoy a variety of benefits. Sun Health Foundation provides unique opportunities to network with like-minded professional advisors, attend educational events and receive access to award-winning charitable planned giving software.