Sharon Thornton

Sharon Thornton, JD, LLM, Exec. VP &
Chief Philanthropy Officer

Have you ever wondered how to turn your passion for our mission into a gift that will support Sun Health Foundation’s work for years to come?

The most popular gift that provides you with lifetime payments is called a charitable gift annuity. It is a simple exchange between you and the Foundation. You make a donation and we, in turn, agree to pay you a fixed amount each year for the rest of your life.

The rate of payment you receive doesn’t fluctuate with the stock market, interest rates or inflation. It is firmly set at the time of your gift and never changes.

After your lifetime, we use the remaining balance to promote our mission.

See How You Can Benefit

We would be happy to run a personal calculation showing you the benefits you can receive from this type of life-income gift. Contact us to receive a free custom gift illustration, with no obligation.

Please visit

Charitable Gift Annuity Rates

By combining a current gift with a future gift, you can make a big impact on our work — both today and tomorrow. Your generosity will help us meet critical needs today and allow us to plan for the future with confidence.

I look forward to speaking with you about Sun Health’s Charitable Gift Annuity. See the chart above for our current rates. And, give me a call at 623-832-5582.

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