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Sharon Thornton

Sharon Thornton
JD, LLM, Exec. VP &
Chief Philanthropy Officer

As your appreciation for Sun Health’s mission grows, you may be looking for ways to make more of an impact. If we’ve influenced your life, consider including us in your estate plans so that future generations can benefit from the same experience.

Here are three ways to make a charitable impact by naming Sun Health Foundation a beneficiary:

1. Retirement plan assets. When you leave your retirement plan assets to an individual they will be subject to income taxes when a distribution is made from the account. But a tax-exempt organization such as ours can inherit the assets without paying taxes. Why it’s smart: Your most heavily taxed assets become
tax-free while making a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

2. A life insurance policy. Your need for life insurance most likely declines with age, increasing its popularity as a charitable gift.

Why it’s smart: We receive a generous gift in the future without you giving up assets today. You can also adjust your plans at any time.

3. A bank account. Most states allow you to designate loved ones and favorite causes to benefit from your bank account after you are gone. For Sun Health Foundation to benefit from your account, you must place a designation on the account to make it payable* to us.

Why it’s smart: You can continue using the money in the accounts. The option also avoids legal hassles and provides our organization more resources for the future.

A gift made payable to Sun Health Foundation or by beneficiary designation gives others the chance to benefit from our mission in the future.

If you are inspired by our work, learn more about the various ways to give that do not require cash by contacting us at 623-832-5330 or visit

*State laws govern payable on death accounts. Please consult with your bank representative or investment advisor if you are considering this gift. 

Information provided by The Stelter Company.

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