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Sharon Thornton

Sharon Thornton
JD, LLM, Exec. VP &
Chief Philanthropy Officer

It’s Never Too Early to Create this Vital Document

Losing you will be hard enough. Spare your loved ones unnecessary confusion and financial and legal burdens by planning your estate now.

Here are some common questions and answers to help you get started.

ls it in my best interest to have an attorney draw up my will?

Yes. Even though it is not required by law, it is to your advantage to retain an attorney who specializes in estate planning rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Do l need to know what I want the attorney to put in my will before we meet?

No. Your attorney will explain the estate planning process, the impact of taxes and how probate works in your state.

He or she will also answer other questions you may have and assist you in identifying your estate planning priorities and objectives.

It will help, however, if you think about the important people and charities you want to include.

What documents should I bring with me to the attorney’s office?

Prepare a list of all your assets and liabilities, indicating how each is titled and approximate value. Include any jewelry, antiques, and items of significant worth or sentimental value.

Also, provide the face amounts of life insurance policies and amounts in retirement plans, along with corresponding beneficiary designations.

How much do attorneys charge for a will?

Attorneys can either charge a flat fee or bill you on an hourly basis. Many offer a free or low-cost initial consultation.

Keep in mind : whatever you spend now will cost you little compared to the taxes your estate could otherwise incur.

Plus, the peace of mind that a professionally drafted document offers will be invaluable.

You can remember Sun Health Foundation in your will or trust by adding a few lines to your document. Contact Sharon Thornton at 623-832-5582 for more information. Our FREE estate planning kit can help you get organized. Go to sunhealthfoundation. org/plannedgiving today!

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