Memorial gifts: a lovely tribute can become a lasting legacy

Losing a loved one is impossibly painful, but honoring them through a cause they believed in deeply can provide a small measure of comfort. It’s a meaningful legacy that improves the community they’ve left behind.

Whether it’s requesting donations in lieu of flowers at their memorial service, celebrating their life by setting up the new “donate your birthday” feature on Facebook, or making a larger gesture tied to their estate, there are many options to celebrate and remember a loved one through a charitable gift.

Some of the most common methods for making larger charitable gifts include:

  • An immediate gift of cash, real estate or investment assets to the non-profit,
  • Gifting a specific asset, dollar amount or percentage of an estate through a will or trust,
  • Endowments in the name of the deceased loved one to fund a specific purpose, typically a large gift invested to generate a reliable source of income in perpetuity.
  • Charitable gift annuities, which pay monies back to the donor

Memorial gifts can be a decision made after a loved one has passed, or defined in advance as part of a larger estate planning strategy, which is a smart way to take advantage of the full tax implications of the gift. It also allows the donor to participate fully in the decision before their death to ensure their wishes are carried out.

Click here to learn how President Trump’s tax reform may impact charitable giving in 2018.

For specific tax advice, please consult with a tax planning professional and/or an estate attorney.

If you’d like to make a memorial gift to Sun Health Foundation to show your commitment to healthy living and superior health care in the West Valley, or seek advice about future gifting options, please contact us at (623) 832-5330 or  

Your support ensures that the highest level of health care is available when you or your loved ones need it the most, and is greatly appreciated.

Those who prefer to donate online can visit

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